Tools of the trade. A sharp blade is everything.

Tools of the trade. A sharp blade is everything.

About By Hand & Heart

Handmade wooden spoons and home-ware made from reclaimed, off-cuts that may usually go to landfill, ethically sourced, or foraged timber. Hand carved, made by heart in the Sunshine Coast hinterland, Australia. Wood is a great natural alternative to plastic, especially baby and toddler spoons. Our products contain no damaging toxins or chemicals.

By Hand and Heart is my space for showcasing and selling my hand made wooden home-wares and spoons. My name is Brett Manson, after having spent the last 20 years in dark rooms behind computer monitors (my background is in Film and Television post production), I found myself wanting something more tactile, a more hands on way to express my creativity. My family and I made the decision to move to the country in search of the life we'd dreamed of, for ourselves and for our young boys. Having always been drawn to working with my hands, in particular wood, I started carving wooden spoons. I love creating something entirely by hand, it is almost mystical and I'm fascinated by the process of creation by subtraction. I thoroughly enjoy being a maker. This is a small part of our journey, our urban exodus, in search of a more simple meaningful life.


Each piece is made by hand. I will try my best to ship within one to three business days.

Commissioned and wholesale orders will take longer. I usually require two to three weeks to complete larger orders. Once an order is complete I will ship it the following business day.



Please hand wash only. Do not soak spoons in water. Do not put into the dish washer. Wooden utensils should be hand washed with a mild detergent and warm water after use and dried. To maintain the wooden wares, treat periodically with a natural oil and beeswax mixture, good options are linseed, coconut or walnut oil.


Each piece is handmade by myself, I strive for perfection and try my best to flag any flaws before shipping. My items take hours and sometimes even days to create therefore I have a no return policy.